About me

Hi, I’m Paul. I work as a freelance C++ developer and computer graphics specialist. With over 20 years of experience in programming, I create games, installations, exhibits and jaw-dropping interactive promotions.

From 1996 to 1999, I majored in Interaction Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts. I was an intern at IJsfontein, a startup based in Amsterdam, where I worked on their Bafta-award-winning (1999) children’s game “Masters of the Elements”.

After graduation, IJsfontein hired me again and I stayed at the company for the next 13 years as a developer of educational software, museum exhibits and installations. My main tool was Macromedia Director, but at the public release of Cinder, the framework for creative coding, I became involved in its community as an active member of the core team and on the forums.

In 2013 I joined the R&D team at game studio Nixxes to work on new tech for the upcoming Tomb Raider game. Under supervision of Jurjen Katsman and Morten Mikkelsen, I developed a tile-based lighting system capable of supporting thousands of dynamic lights.

I was then asked by Andrew Bell to join the team at Barbarian Group, New York, to work on several upcoming projects that required seasoned C++ developers. Throughout the following 18 months, I worked on several exciting projects, some of which can be found in my portfolio.

I now work as a freelance C++ developer from my studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with a focus on computer graphics, performance and stability. If you’re in need of a fast-working programmer who can bring your prototype, presentation, installation, exhibit or game to live, by all means… let's work together!